Antwerp, Belgium

Number of attendees

70 participants




7 days

We don’t want Brussels, we have already seen Bruges, but we absolutely want to come to Belgium.   What can we do?

FAME got challenged (which we love) and proposed this client to stay in Antwerp, a very unknown city for them, but with great potential.  City of diamonds, fashion and most modern city of Belgium.  At only 45 minutes driving from Brussels airport you will find the city of Rubens & Van Dijck with many great restaurants and trendy concepts. 

Did you say party?  Of course, Antwerp is a great party city as well.  
The client was convinced! 

The FAME touch

  • Culinary cycling tour
  • Play golf in the city center
  • Enjoy a beach dinner overlooking the historic monuments of Antwerp
  • Make your own beer in a small brewery in town
  • Try the typical grandma meatballs, a reinvented delicacy
  • Paint your own Rubens painting
  • Find “De Mol” city game

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