Product launch 


Antwerp,  Belgium

Number of attendees

80 participants


Cosmetic company


3 days

Can you find us a venue that has never been used before?  We want to launch a new product and the venue needs to be elegant, surprising, trendy and we need to be the first to use it ever.

Wow, what a great challenge!

FAME came up with the venue Lazy Jack, in the city of Antwerp.  Now, one of the most trendy places of the city, but back then never used before.

We combined it with an overnight in the Hilton Groenplaats, a cocktail on the MAS rooftop & a dinner inspired by Vicky Genues of ‘t Zilte restaurant (Michelin star rated).  

The FAME touch

  • Cycling tour through the harbour of Antwerp
  • Discovering the MAS region and the beautiful Eilandje
  • Diamond quarter exploration and meeting with the locals
  • Helicopter flight and Rib boat experience
  • Culinary treats: Elixir d’Anvers, Antwerpse Handjes and Bolleke De Koninck

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