Dream job

It’s 4:00 AM and my alarm goes off. After a short night’s sleep (only 2 hours), I wake up in a hotel room in South America. Yesterday was the farewell party, and what a party it was! I find myself more than 10,000km away from home, and today we’re returning after an unforgettable trip. With a fuzzy head, sleepy eyes, and a satisfied grin, I quickly pack my suitcase.

At breakfast, I’m warmly greeted by my guests. Again, many sleepy and red eyes, each with a sparkle and a wide smile underneath. The group had a blast, and they made it known. I listen to the countless (and crazy) anecdotes that this group has experienced over the past few days, and especially the gratitude that they were able to experience it. Tired and satisfied, I think to myself: It’s been good again, what a dream job I have!

My job at FAME is unique. I take the plane about ten times a year and travel to the most unique, beautiful, and surprising destinations in the world. Whether it’s for scouting, prospecting, or with a group, I’m always meticulously prepared. And yet, I’m surprised every time. That’s the beauty of traveling…

I’m fortunate to meet many people: Clients and participants from various sectors, local agents and guides from all corners of the world, but also just the locals with whom you share surprising encounters and warm contacts. And above all, fantastic colleagues with whom you’ve shared joys and sorrows during the trip, but especially in the preparation.

Because working at FAME is hard work. It requires a lot of focus, creativity, and organization. You juggle with different projects. Each project is tailor-made, with its own specific characteristics, objectives, and sensitivities.

On top of that, you also need a good understanding of people; Not only to maintain good relationships with your clients from various sectors. But especially because you introduce them to people from other continents, people with different backgrounds, religions, and cultures. And that can be challenging. But a valuable challenge.

You can’t sustain this job without passion. But passion and dedication will never completely alleviate the stress or worries. It’s still hard work. But when you do what you love, with passion and dedication, it just becomes more enjoyable. And that’s my definition of a dream job!


Dream job

It’s 4:00 AM and my alarm goes off. After a short night’s sleep (only 2 hours), I wake up in a hotel room in

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