Nordic Adventure Sparks.

Iceland, a land of mesmerizing contrasts, offers an extraordinary canvas for your next incentive trip. While the following activities and highlights serve as a glimpse into the wonders of this captivating country, keep in mind that every FAME incentive journey is meticulously crafted to suit your team's aspirations and preferences.

Black Sand Beaches & Northern Lights

Begin your Icelandic odyssey by immersing yourself in the otherworldly beauty of the country's distinctive black sand beaches. Feel the raw power of nature against a backdrop of volcanic landscapes and crashing waves. Afterwards experience the magic of traditional Icelandic cuisine amidst the breathtaking beauty of the land. Picture indulging in local delicacies while witnessing the mystical dance of the Northern Lights above, creating an unforgettable dining experience.

Super Jeep Expedition & Snowmobiling

Embark on an exhilarating super jeep adventure towards the South of Iceland. The journey unfolds with a stop at Solheimajökull Glacier, where expert guidance allows you to explore this awe-inspiring natural wonder. Experience the thrill of exploring the region via snowmobile.

Spectacular Waterfalls

Embark on a journey to discover the enchanting waterfalls of Iceland, where the force of nature reveals itself in breathtaking beauty. An iconic example is Gullfoss, also known as 'The Golden Fall,' Europe's largest waterfall. Here, water plunges with unparalleled force into a deep gorge, a true spectacle of Mother Nature. Another gem of Iceland is the majestic Skogafoss Waterfall, where a mighty cascade tumbles down from a cliff surrounded by an enchanting landscape. The thunderous sound of falling water blends with the serene atmosphere of the surroundings, making every glimpse an unforgettable experience. These waterfalls reflect the unparalleled beauty of Iceland, a land imbued with natural splendor and magic.

A Journey through Thorsmörk

Explore Thorsmörk, often referred to as 'the forest of Thor,' nestled within a breathtaking Icelandic landscape. Your journey through this captivating terrain introduces you to the awe-inspiring Gigjökull Glacier, an emblem of Iceland's majestic ice formations. Delve deeper into the wonder of nature as you encounter the remarkable Stakkholtsgja, an imposing canyon carving through the land for over 2 kilometers, plunging to depths of 100 meters. Each step through Thorsmörk is a revelation, an immersion into the ethereal beauty and grandeur of Iceland's natural wonders.

Discovering Geysir Hot Springs

A natural wonder that defies the ordinary. As you stand before this geological marvel, you'll witness a thrilling display of raw power as scorching-hot water surges upward, propelled by the earth's intense forces. These explosive eruptions, reaching astonishing heights of up to 20 meters, are a testament to Iceland's dynamic geothermal landscape. Prepare to be captivated by the sheer energy and spectacle of this phenomenal display, an awe-inspiring moment that will stay etched in your memory.

Icelandic Cuisine & Northern Lights Magic

In the ethereal landscapes of Iceland, FAME crafts dining experiences that are as extraordinary as the surroundings themselves. At Friðheimar, guests immerse themselves in a truly unique dinner setting amidst thriving tomato plants, enjoying a menu that showcases the versatility of this humble fruit. What makes this experience even more special is the commitment to sustainability, with the greenhouse heated by water from a local geyser, creating a dining environment that's not just delicious but environmentally conscious.

For a celestial encounter, Aurora Basecamp stands as a beacon beneath the Northern Lights. The facility offers a captivating Northern Lights experience, where visitors can explore an educational exhibition in The Dark Park dome. The real magic unfolds outdoors, where low-lit benches surround open fires, inviting guests to bask in the enchantment of the night sky. As the Northern Lights dance above, guests can also retreat to the warm lounge, sipping hot chocolate in anticipation of the celestial spectacle. Iceland's natural wonders become the backdrop for dining experiences that are truly out of this world.

While these activities offer a glimpse into the splendor of Iceland, your bespoke incentive journey with FAME will transform these visions into an extraordinary reality, tailored to exceed your team's expectations and create lasting memories.

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