Exclusive Offsite Event.

Riga, the vibrant Latvian capital, served as the backdrop for one of our clients extraordinary offsite event, expertly crafted by FAME. Guests delved into the city's flamboyant art nouveau architecture, trendy bars, and experimental restaurants. While the following activities and highlights are for inspiration, remember that each FAME event is tailored exactly to your company's unique needs and objectives.

Adrenaline Rush: The Bobsled Challenge

Amidst corporate engagements, the energy soared with a unique challenge. On a 1400-meter track, the only one of its kind globally, guests experienced the rush of a bobsled without prior experience. Led by a former Olympic champion, teams raced downhill at speeds of up to 100 km/h. Victors were celebrated post-race, with warm drinks inspired by local specialties to unwind.

Wilderness Adventure

The following day, adventure beckoned in the outskirts of Riga's woods. Arriving at a military domain, former servicemen guided guests, imparting various survival skills. In teams, they competed for the highest scores, followed by lunch around a campfire, adding a magical touch to this woodland setting.

Evening Soiree with an Industrial Charm

Culminating the offsite event was an evening at Hanzas Perons, a beautifully refurbished former station building exuding industrial allure, sparking inspiration. Here, the journey concluded with a sumptuous three-course dinner, followed by an evening filled with unforgettable beats from a DJ and the live band Cookies & Cream, that flew in from Belgium. This event offers a mere glimpse of what FAME can craft for your company. Each detail is customized, every experience unique. Let us bring your next event to life.

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