Weekend of Elegance.

The exclusive VIP weekend for one of our clients offers a glimpse into the magic of FAME. This event consists of two nights of luxury, including a grand gala dinner for 500 on the first night and a themed soirée for 1,000 on the second night. While the following activities and highlights are for inspiration, remember that each FAME event is tailored exactly to your company's unique needs and objectives.


The VIP weekend kicks off with a grand gala dinner aboard the Oceandiva, a vessel renowned for its impressive and contemporary allure. Stretching 86 meters, the Oceandiva makes a striking impression from the moment guests arrive. Welcomed into a stylish glass foyer with a breathtaking 180-degree view of the water, it sets the perfect stage for guest reception. Once everyone is on board, the Oceandiva sets sail on a cruise along the Antwerp harbor. With the freedom of the open water and the vibrant energy of the beloved city, Oceandiva transforms events into unforgettable experiences. During this cruise, an award ceremony took place, followed by an exquisite three-course dinner in the ship's stunning central space.

Diamonds are Forever

The second night of the VIP weekend is a spectacular themed evening at the Waagnatie, located on the river Scheldt. This characterful industrial complex has a remarkable ceiling structure with large arch designs, setting the scene for a James Bond-themed evening that embodies sophistication and glamour. "Diamonds are Forever" is the perfect theme for the grand finale.

When guests arrive, they are greeted by a stunning bullet-shaped entrance that immediately evokes the atmosphere of a movie star. The venue's ceiling is adorned with a stunning grand chandelier, which casts a lush glow on 7m2 of elegant curtains. Round tables adorned with black satin tablecloths and gold napkins, accented with dazzling diamond centrepieces, bring an atmosphere of luxurious allure. Illuminated letters adorn the room, bathed in warm ambient light.

After a sumptuous dinner, the evening continues with a playlist compiled by an experienced DJ, inviting everyone to dance and party. The atmosphere changes and echoes with the rhythms of joy and celebration as the afterparty begins. With every element carefully crafted, this evening promises an unforgettable mix of elegance, entertainment and luxury, creating memories to cherish.

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